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Past Dogs


Malachai du Ciel Rouge, BH, SchH3
May 9, 2006 - July 19, 2016

(A'Ivan i'll du Cien, SchH3 x Carma du Ciel Rouge, MR1)

OFA "Excellent Hips - OFA "Normal" Elbows

10 year old Belgian Malinois out of the famous "du Ciel Rouge" kennel. Malachai is a 2-3 Linebreeding on Gaston du Chenil Victoire ("Gator"). Malachai has strong, serious grips, fast clean jumping style and enormous power in the barking. He competed in the 2007 AWMA Nationals in Michigan for his BH and was entered and flown for the 2008 in Washington but had to pull for a re-occuring shoulder injury. In 2009 we completed our SchH1 and SchH2 despite hospitalization for an intestinal blockage caused by swallowing half a tennis ball. We finished 2009 at the AWMA Nationals in Florida, but had trouble tracking in the pouring rain like many of the competitors and walked away 4 points short of passing. Malachai has taken several lengthy times off from training due to medical issues (usually involving swallowing something he shouldn't) but he finished his SchH3 in style by going Vice Champion at the WDA Region 7 Schutzhund Championships.  Malachai passed away in July 2016 from sudden onset of spinal paralysis, most likely due to a spinal infection. 

  • 2007 AWMA National Championships - Motorcity Working Dog Club - Passed BH
  • Der Hundesport Performance Club (April 2008) - 88-78-82 Pronounced SchH1
  • Anacapa Working Dog Association (June 2009) - 95-83-92 Pronounced SchH2
  • Competitor at 2009 AWMA National Championships - Spirit Working Dog Club - SchH2 
  • Competitor at the 2010 SW Regional Schutzhund Championships - Ventura CA - SchH3
  • Finished his SchH3 at the 2012 Region 7 Schutzhund Championships - Vice Champion SchH3 

Malachai du Ciel Rouge, BH, IPO3 A'Ivan Du lle Du Chien SchHIII, IPOIII Gaston du Chenil Victoire FRI, BH, FDCh, CGC, TT Paulou des Deux Pottois
Patty des Deux Pottois
2001 Can FRII CH Dite Ot Vitosha FRII 1996 NARA FRI CH, multi FCI BOB Brawny Bombardier Ot Vitosha FRIII, MRIII, CD, TT, ROM
Fr CH Tr Eureka du Rez la Ville FRIII, BH, CD, TT, ROM
Carma du Ciel Rouge MRI Kain Ot Vitosha MRII Rasputin vom Brockenacker DHP2
Sandy van de Haantjeshoek BH
Xtra Twist du Ciel Rouge BH Gaston du Chenil Victoire FRI, BH, FDCh, CGC, TT

SG Julia des Teutones FRI, MRI

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V-Rated Windevlles Cindy Lou Who, BH, BST, SchH1, French Ring Brevet, CD, RA, TT
December 25, 2003 ~ May 26, 2012
(Am CH. Astor vom Hause Fritz, IPO1 AKC Ptd. Windevilles Fera v Wolfsschanze)

OFA Excellent Hips - Cardiac Clear - Grade 1 Elbows 

Cindy Lou was from the final litter of "Windeville" Kennels bred by Bonnie Price. She has the famous lines of Furst/Flash v Wolfert Turm, Kodiak vd Wolfsschanze, Arco vom Weidenbruch, and Bronco vom Hause Sommer. She has been owner trained and handled to ALL of her titles and excels at everything she does. At 5 years old, she welcomed her first litter into the world, the "A Litter vom Bosen Blick" out of Unkas vom Hause Neubrand. In 2010 we tried twice to breed her via AI to Voss du Closs Lenka, but unfortunately she developed the signs of Pyo and was spayed. Cindy had a wonderful temperament for working, always had full, calm grips and great tracking. We also dabbled in Agility and Herding with her and she was my first dog to title in Schutzhund. Cindy passed away unexpectedly from complications related to bloat in May 2012. 

Competition Highlights:
  • The 2nd Rottweiler to achieve a French Ring Brevet in NARA History
  • The first Rottweiler Bitch to successful achieve the French Ring Brevet in NARA history
  • Achieved her Companion Dog Title in 3 straight shows with Placements
  • Achieved both her Rally Novice and Rally Advance titles in 3 Straight Shows - Almost always taking placements
  • Achieved her BH title at 2006 USRC SW Regional Schutzhund Championships
  • V2 Rated at 2009 USRC SW Regional Sieger Show from the Working Class
  • USRC Silver Award of Merit 



December 8, 2000 ~ November 1, 2011

FCI/INT CH Umbro Van Het Polderbos, IPO3, BH, Belgian Korung

V-Rated Ushi van Bangais

OFA Good Hips - Cardiac Clear - Normal Elbows - CERF

Zak was my first Rottweiler and we actually accomplished a great deal together, despite having to deal with dog/people aggression. In 2003 we ranked in the Top 10 Junior Handlers with Rottweilers but quickly retired Zak because of his issues with people. Later we conquered his aggression and were able to pass both his CD and TT. He passed his BH at the 2006 USRC SW Regional Schutzhund Championship. Zak was used many times to help teach new helpers in the sport and helped me get through many seminars. While he never was an "easy" dog, he showed exceptional drive for the work and has been a great dog overall. Zak passed away of natural causes just shy of his 11th Birthday.


October 24, 1998 ~ October 31, 2009

Fera was an amazing Rottweiler and the epitome of what the breed should be. A friend and companion to those who earned her love, a fantanstic mother to her "Christmas" litter, and friend beyond words. Fera meant different things to those who knew her, but to me, she encompassed everything a Rottweiler should be. Beautiful inside and out.  She exuded everything a Rottweiler should be and I feel blessed to be able to carry on her bloodline.



December 15, 1997 ~ July 11, 2008

Libby was my first dog and was an amazing introduction to pet ownership. After adopting her at 4 months old from the Arizona Humane Society, we began to uncover a multitude of temperament issues. Through continueous training, we overcame many issues and she eventually became an amazing family companion. I will forever credit Libby with starting me on the path to becoming a dog trainer. She was taken far too soon but will forever be in my heart.

Adonis vom Bosen Blick, BH
January 8, 2009 - July 22, 2017 
 (Unkas vom Hause Neubrand, SchH3 x Windevilles Cindy Lou Who, SchH1, BH, BST, CD, RA, Fr Ring Brevet)
OFA Good Hips - OFA "Normal" Elbows

Adonis was from our very first breeding, our A-litter out of my handler-owner-trained female Cindy. He passed his BH and will be going for his BST later in the year. Our intention was to compete Adonis in Schutzhund but he took a backseat to our other male, Ciro. He is a very intelligent male with full, powerful grips and lots of aggression in the barking. His tracking is very clear and calm like his mother Cindy.

Adonis Obedience training at 6 months old
Adonis Obedience training at 9.5 months old
- Adonis Obedience training at 20 months old
Adonis working on pillow (3rd bite work session) 

Adonis vom Bosen Blick Pedigree ADRK Deutscher Meister\'04, IFR Prot.. Wld CH\'05 Unkas vom Hause NeubrandBH, ZtP, SchH/VPG III, IPO III, HD-free, ED1 Falco vom Weihungstal BH, Ztp, SchH/VPG III INT./DT.VDH-CH BS\'95 KS\'96 Furst vom Wolfert Turm SchH III AD BH IPO III ZTP(04.94)
Cinderella vom Wolfert Turm BH, ZtP, SchH III
Romy vom Hause Neubrand BH, Ztp, SchH.VPG Greif vom Oberhausener Norden BH, AD, Ztp, Schh/VPG III, IPO III, Gek.b.EzA
Daisy vom Hause Neubrand BH, AD, Ztp, SchH/VPG II
V-Rated Windevilles Cindy Lou WhoSchHI, BH, BST, RN, CD, SchH1, Fr Brevet V1, Sel Am CH Astor vom Hause FritzBH, IPO 1, HD-, ED- Gr. CH Bronco von Hause Sommer IPO I, HD-, ED-
Nina vom Leibgardist HD- ED-
AKC Pointed Windevilles Fera v Wolfsschanze SCRS97,SWRS99&97,NWRS97,Mex CHKodiak von der Wolfsschanze SchHIII, IPOIII, BH, ABST, AD, TT, CGC,RO-45734G
Mirka vom Junggesellental
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