Vom Bosen Blick Rottweilers 


Unlike most Rottweiler breeders, when I got into dog breeding my goal was not to produce as many puppies as possible. Too many breeders rush into dog breeding and are halfway through the alphabet before they have even been in the breed 5 years. I didn't produce my first litter until I'd spent almost 10 years studying everything I could about the breed, pedigrees, etc and had several mentors help me along the way. My enjoyment comes from competing with my dogs and trying to create the ultimate working Rottweiler. I've been lucky that the dogs I've bred have all be OFA excellent with all their health clearances, although things don't always pan out the way we expect in the gene pool. I am a strong believer that to better the breed, breeders need to be 100% honest about their dogs and the puppies they produce. I have tried to keep an accurate record of my dogs and will continue to do so for all future litters and will continue to release results on all the dogs, good and bad. I have one of the most comprehensive contracts on my puppies and will take them back at any time in their life for free follow up training, boarding, or anything else the owner may need. I fully guarantee their health and temperament and stand behind every dog I produce. Additionally, every dog is microchipped back to me since I spend a lot of volunteer time working with dog rescue, I want to ensure no dog I ever produce ends up in an animal shelter. 

Vom Bösen Blick Puppy Guarantee:
We will be adding our contracts to our website shortly. We offer a comprehensive health guarantee covering Hips, Elbows, Heart and Eyes. We will take the dog back at any point in its lifetime and all dogs are microchipped back to us as the primary owner to ensure they never end up in an animal shelter. We also offer 2 months of Boarding/Training to dogs sold local to Southern California and lifetime training support for all our puppy buyers. We do this because we find training to be one of the most important aspects of successfully owning the Rottweiler breed. 

If you are interested in learning more about our available litter, please contact Dana at 909-556-4212 or email schhrotts@hotmail.com. Puppies will be ready to go home end of May 2016.
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