Vom Bosen Blick Rottweilers 

C Litter vom Bosen Blick


5 GIRLS, 3 BOYS BORN MARCH 29th, 2016 !!!
Puppy pictures/videos are up at our Facebook Page!

Ercas vom Kinzigtal, IPO3, MAG, FH2
(Max vom Turnleburg, AD, IPO3, FH2 x Datscha vom Roten Falken, IPO3, AD)

HD Frei / ED Frei

Ercas was an easy pick for the stud dog for our C- Litter. He is an accomplished working Rottweiler out of Max vom Turnleburg, who is arguably one of the best producers of working Rottweilers of this generation. We chose Ercas for Brazen after purchasing a daughter of his, Addi van Het Bos. We feel he will bring a lot more drive/aggression that we are looking for while still being very clear, social dogs. You can find more updates on Ercas and his progeny by visiting his Facebook page here

Videos of Ercas Working:
- Ercas at the 2013 Rottweiler Grand Prix (C-Phase) 
- Ercas vom Kinzigtal Training Track 
- Ercas vom Kinzigtal NK 2012 (A-Phase)
- Ercas vom Kinzigtal NK 2012 (B-Phase)
- Ercas vom Kinzigtal NK 2012 (C-Phase) 

Ercas vom Kinzigtal Multi V V-2 V-3 Max vom Turnleberg SchH/VPG III FH II IPO III BH AD Gek.b.
DT VDH CH Gringo von Handschuhsheim BH ZtP AD SchH III Gek bis EzA HD+/-
Int./DT.VDH-CH ES'93 KS'91'92 Noris vom Gruntenblick SchH III FH AD BH IPO III Gekort bis EzA HD +/-
Baika von Handschuhsheim SchH III FH AD BH Gek.b.24.09.96 HD+/-
Farah vom Turnleberg BH ZtP ScH I
Herkules von der Nonnenhohle SchH III AD BH Gek.b.EzA 9-25-93 (Sennfeld) HD-
 Wilka vom Steigstrassle BH ZtP SchH I
Dascha vom Roten Falken SchH/VPG III AD BH
Janos vom Oberhausener Norden BH ZtP AD FH IPO III SchH III HD-
 Aki von der Peeler Hutte SchH III FH AD IPO III Gek. b EzA
 Biene vom Oberhausener Norden SchH II FH AD BH
Gabi vom Sandrain SchH III, AD, BH, Gek.b. EzA HD+/-
Greif vom Oberhausener Norden BH, AD, Ztp, Schh/VPG III, IPO III, Gek.b.EzA
 Cessy vom Wasserfall SchH III, AD, IPO III, HD Frei
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Brazen vom 
Bösen Blick, BH, TT

(Ciro von der Kleinbrucke, BH, BST, FR1, MR1, StP1, CGC x Bella von der Barenau, BH, BST, RA, CD)

OFA Excellent / Normal Elbows / CERF Clear / Cardiac Clear via ECHO  

Brazen was our pick of litter from our B-Litter. She is a 3 year old female who has consistently beautiful obedience, calm methodical tracking style, and full calm grips on the sleeve. She is socially stable, friendly and good with kids/dogs. She will complete her IPO1 and BST after this litter. 

Video of Brazen Working:
- Brazen training for her Breed Suitability Test (BST) 
- Brazen doing 300 pace IPO Training Track 

Brazen vom Bösen Blick Ciro von der Kleinbrucke, BH, BST, FR1, MR1, SPr1, TR1, CGC Glenn vom Schwaiger Rathaus BH ZtP SchH III IFR-WM 01 DT VDH CH Troll vom Hause Anin BH ZtP AD SchH III Gekort.b EzA HD- ED-
Cleo vom Schwaiger Wappen SchHIII FHI AD BH IPOIII Gek bis EzA ZtP (06.96)
Multi V Dunja von Tengen BH, ZtP, AD, SchH III, Korung KJS\'95 Kevin vom Bamberger-Tal SchIII AD BH Gek.9-22-96 HD-
Bea von Tengen SchH1 BH ZTP (11/95)
Bella von der Barenau
BH, RA, CD, Ztp (AIRK)
Rolex vom Hause anin SchH/ VPG III, AD, BH, Ztp Multi V1 ADRK-kombisieger 2007Valentino vom Hause Neubrand SchH III HD /- ED /- BH AD ZTP Gekort Eza
Int/DT-VDH July vom Hause Anin HD /-,ED- BH,ZtP,VPGI
Zenta vom Faust-Schlossl SchH/ VPG I, BH, Ztp INT, VDH, Russ., CH Filou vom Rauberweg BH, VPG 1, ZtP, HD-, ED-
Ö-BJS \'04, Multi V-1 Wanda vom NeutorZtP, BHG2, HD /-, ED free, Aus Double CH
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We are very excited about this combination and how the puppies have turned out so far. Updates to the puppies will be posted below:

  • Capone vom Bosen Blick - Formerly "Brown Boy" - Owned/Handled by Melissa Waters in Canada. Training in IPO, Carting, Barn hunt, OFA Excellent / Normal Elbows
  • Captain Crunch vom Bosen Blick - Formerly "Blue Boy" - Owned/Handled by Melissa Waters in Canada and training in IPO, Carting, Barn Hunt, etc. OFA Good / Normal Elbows
  • Caya vom Bosen Blick - Formerly "Yellow Girl" - Owned by Rikke Hansen in Denmark. Currently training in IPO. HD/ED Frei. 
  • Cece vom Bosen Blick - Formerly "Green Girl" - Owned by us. 
  • C'Ellie vom Bosen Blick - Formerly "Red Girl" - Owned by James Fang in Southern California. 
  • C'Ruby vom Bosen Blick - Formerly "Pink Girl" - Owned by Janice Lopez in Southern California. 
  • Caccia Forte vom Bosen Blick - Formerly "Purple Girl" - Owned by Jennifer Marshall. Was going to train in Mondioring but we lost her to a very aggressive strain of Parvo as a puppy. RIP Forte. 
  • C'Jackson Lee vom Bosen Blick - Formerly "Orange Boy" - Owned by Kristi Cooper. Jackson was our special needs puppy who was developmentally behind the other puppies and significantly smaller in size. We placed him with a family member to monitor his development but unfortunately we made the decision to humanely end his suffering at 4 months old. RIP Jackson.  

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