Vom Bosen Blick Rottweilers 


Ciro von der Kleinbrucke, BH, BST, MR1, FR1, SPr1, TR1, CGC x Bella von der Barenau, BH, BST, CD, RA
Born November 25, 2012
1 Male, 1 Female
Ciro was a male we were offered when he was 3.5 years old. The first time I saw him, we put him on a sleeve and on suit pants and he took to biting immediately. He has over the top drive, hard grips, and is a serious dog in the work. Malinois people constantly tell me THIS is what the breed should be like because he never quits. He is a small male but he has taken down helpers and decoys in multiple trials, and competed against all breeds and consistently done well. We were prepping him for SchH to take him to the IFR World Championships when he tore a ligament in the back of his leg and was never able to be repaired despite lots of physical rehabilitation. I went ahead and switched his training from Schutzhund to Ringsport, and he successfully made history as the only Rottweiler in the United States with a French Ring 1, the first to get a Mondio Ring 1 in the United States, and the only dog in the United States to hold BOTH titles. He also has an incredible pedigree to boot, being one of the only breeding descendants of his mother Dunja vom Tengen who is arguably one of the nicest working bitches in the history of the breed. 

Bella was a high drive female we had met at the Rottweiler Nationals and offered to her owner to lease her out for a breeding. She has the absolute sweetest, most social temperament but also has crazy over the top drive for toys/balls. She bites the sleeve and suit with full, hard grips. Like Ciro, she had OFA Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows, and was CERF. We essentially did this breeding in an effort to see what Ciro could produce with a working-line female.

We shipped Bella from Georgia at the start of her heat cycle but almost missed her ovulation and ended up doing two transcervical inseminations and two natural ties. We ended up with 4 puppies but we had some complications at the labor with the 3rd puppy (a male) getting stuck and the 4th puppy after that (a female) passing away but we are very blessed to have the two babies from this litter showing so much potential. 

B Liter vom Bosen Blick Pedigree Ciro von der Kleinbrucke, BH, BST, FR1, MR1, SPr1, TR1, CGC Glenn vom Schwaiger Rathaus BH ZtP SchH III IFR-WM 01 DT VDH CH Troll vom Hause Anin BH ZtP AD SchH III Gekort.b EzA HD- ED-
Cleo vom Schwaiger Wappen SchHIII FHI AD BH IPOIII Gek bis EzA ZtP (06.96)
Multi V Dunja von Tengen BH, ZtP, AD, SchH III, Korung KJS\'95 Kevin vom Bamberger-Tal SchIII AD BH Gek.9-22-96 HD-
Bea von Tengen SchH1 BH ZTP (11/95)
Bella von der Barenau
BH, RA, CD, Ztp (AIRK)
Rolex vom Hause anin SchH/ VPG III, AD, BH, Ztp Multi V1 ADRK-kombisieger 2007Valentino vom Hause Neubrand SchH III HD /- ED /- BH AD ZTP Gekort Eza
Int/DT-VDH July vom Hause Anin HD /-,ED- BH,ZtP,VPGI
Zenta vom Faust-Schlossl SchH/ VPG I, BH, Ztp INT, VDH, Russ., CH Filou vom Rauberweg BH, VPG 1, ZtP, HD-, ED-
Ö-BJS \'04, Multi V-1 Wanda vom NeutorZtP, BHG2, HD /-, ED free, Aus Double CH
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Ben vom Bosen Blick
Ben is a very serious puppy who already shows nice, full grips. We are very lucky he is with an experienced working home in Georgia and showing awesome potential for Schutzhund !

Brazen vom Bösen Blick, BH, TT 
Brazen is a crazy, outgoing, social female like her mother. She is just getting started in bite work again and is showing awesome potential for Schutzhund / Ringsport! She is still young but I'm hoping she will be my next competition dog! 
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