Vom Bosen Blick Rottweilers 


A Litter vom Bosen Blick

Unkas vom Hause Neubrand, BH, ZTP, SchH3  x Windevilles Cindy Lou Who, BH, BST, CD, RA, Fr Brevet, ScH1
3 Males, 1 Female born January 9, 2009  - (More Pictures of the A-Litter is on our Blog under 2009 - Click here to see

We bred our handler-owner-trained female Cindy to Unkas for a number of reasons. The foremost reason was the first time I saw him work in person, he had incredible drive for the obedience and bite work. He was a very clear headed, stable dog with full, powerful grips on the sleeve. He was HD Frei, ED+ (Germany) and had an impressive trial history with several 100 point tracks and 100 points in Protection at the IFR World Championships (2005). Cindy was my first dog titled to SchH1, so I focused a lot more on her training and getting titles than trying to produce litters out of her. She had her first attempted litter at  5 years old and after a missed breeding, we did a surgical insemination with Unkas which resulted in 4 puppies (3 boys, 1 girl). Cindy was a very clear headed female, with a lot of prey drive and a full, calm grip. I wanted to see harder gripping in her puppies and a bit more drive overall. She was OFA Excellent, Grade 1 Unilateral Elbows (rechecked 2x), Cardiac cleared and had a strong line for good hips with several litter mates, aunts, uncles, etc that had Excellent hips as well. Overall I was not very happy with the results of the A-Litter, and given Cindy's untimely passing of Gastric Torsion which may have a genetic component, no dog from this litter will ever be bred. 

A Liter vom Bosen Blick Pedigree ADRK Deutscher Meister\'04, IFR Prot.. Wld CH\'05 Unkas vom Hause NeubrandBH, ZtP, SchH/VPG III, IPO III, HD-free, ED1 Falco vom Weihungstal BH, Ztp, SchH/VPG III INT./DT.VDH-CH BS\'95 KS\'96 Furst vom Wolfert Turm SchH III AD BH IPO III ZTP(04.94)
Cinderella vom Wolfert Turm BH, ZtP, SchH III
Romy vom Hause Neubrand BH, Ztp, SchH.VPG Greif vom Oberhausener Norden BH, AD, Ztp, Schh/VPG III, IPO III, Gek.b.EzA
Daisy vom Hause Neubrand BH, AD, Ztp, SchH/VPG II
V-Rated Windevilles Cindy Lou WhoSchHI, BH, BST, RN, CD, Fr Brevet V1, Sel Am CH Astor vom Hause FritzBH, IPO 1, HD-, ED- Gr. CH Bronco von Hause Sommer IPO I, HD-, ED-
Nina vom Leibgardist HD- ED-
AKC Pointed Windevilles Fera v Wolfsschanze SCRS97,SWRS99&97,NWRS97,Mex CHKodiak von der Wolfsschanze SchHIII, IPOIII, BH, ABST, AD, TT, CGC,RO-45734G
Mirka vom Junggesellental
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 Multi V-Rated Andorra vom Bosen Blick
Andy was co-owned with a family until she was approximately 2 years old. She was VP rated as a puppy and V-rated several times as an adult. Unfortunately she had unilateral, mild HD, Normal Elbows her her vet so we spayed her and she was placed in a loving pet home in Colorado. 

VP Rated Adonis vom Bosen Blick, BH  
Adonis was our pick male from the litter and had a ton of foundation training as a puppy. He unfortunately was put on the back burner for training because we acquired an older male (Ciro) who I enjoyed training more. He has his BH, and has most of the exercises for SchH1 minus a finished retrieve. Adonis is a large, balanced male with full hard grips and lots of aggression in the barking. Our plan was to finish his BST at the end of 2013 but I severely sprained my ankle and missed our two opportunities to trial. We will most likely finish out his BST and possible his SchH1 if time allows but he will never be used for breeding and will live out his life with us.  

A'Castor vom Bosen Blick
Castor was a pet-quality neutered male whom was placed in a pet home.  He tragically passed away from advanced bone cancer in his back leg at 4 years old.

A'Peanut vom Bosen Blick 
Neutered Male, living in pet home in Northern California due to Overbite. (no recent pictures) 

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